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Solving the Cross Platform Puzzle

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Cross platform technology could be "The Next Big Thing." Glide is a pioneering and award winning cloud-computing service leading the emergence of the cross platform space. If you use any combination of Microsoft Windows, Google Android and Apple iOS/OS X devices and various cloud services like Dropbox, Google Docs and Facebook in your home or business, this book is a must read.

Cloud Computing: The Glide OS Story provides a detailed primer on the challenges and opportunities faced by start up companies and how they all relate to major changes in the technology industry and the global financial environment. Experience how Founder and CEO, Donald Leka steers Glide through the ultra competitive technology industry and the Global Financial Crisis. Go behind the scenes and learn what really happened in key meetings, interviews, backstage at major international trade shows and the strategy behind major product releases. The thrills and spills described make this book an educational gem for budding tech entrepreneurs and the seed and venture capital investors who fund them and entertaining reading for the rest of us.

The Cross Platform Debate Is Heating Up!

Cross Platform Technology Ignites Passionate Debate Between Loyal Apple, Microsoft and Google Customers

But there is no denying that we all live in a multi-platform world and Cross Platform Technology will become a part of our daily lives.

The Glide OS Story: Solving the Cross Platform Puzzle, by Donald Leka and Claire Leka tells the story of the pioneering and award winning Glide OS, the evolution of cloud computing and the emergence of the cross platform space.

The growing platform wars in the technology industry are heating up and Glide finds itself right smack in the middle of the cross hairs. The Glide Service allows users to access files stored on Microsoft, Google and Apple devices and on a variety of cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive through a single interface.  

Glide Apps were recently released for Google Android and Windows 8 and just last week for the iPhone creating quite a stir in Cupertino. Thomas Claburn summarizes the recent events in his InformationWeek Commentary, Apple Must Look Beyond Its Platforms.

"Not only does Apple occasionally reject apps submitted to its iOS and OS X App Stores, but it also apparently provides marketing guidance for app developers. The advice Apple gives remains consistent with the views expressed in 2010 by then CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs, but it may not serve the company as well as it once did: Apple's disdain for cross-platform software is hindering its ability to compete." 

First a bit of background on the "marketing guidance" provided by Apple to TransMedia.

TransMedia CEO, Donald Leka sent a copy of the press release to Apple Worldwide Developer Relations for the Glide App for a once over. Apple took issue with Leka's statement in the press release:

Consumers really don't care that much what platform they are on, where their files are stored, or what the file types and file formats are. They simply want to be able to easily access and share a family photo, a letter to a friend, a favorite song or show. 

"Apple's response suggests that Leka's statement repudiated Apple's core values," said Claburn. Apple's response:

The tone of your release and your product positioning is at odds with not just our primary marketing messaging, but the entire reason Apple exists…Our drive, our passion, [and] our singular focus on creating the best products we can make [are] rooted in the fundamental belief that customers really do care about the products in which they invest their time, money, and energy. We strive to make the best products we can because we believe the right product will change a customer's life. And customers do indeed care about things that change their lives. 

That set off a firestorm from Cupertino to New York, taking on a life of its own with all sides weighing in.

Here's just a sampling from the recent headlines and opines circulating the blogosphere:

From Tech pions
Apple's Insularity Could Get Dangerous
Steve Wildstrom

"It started with a question I asked Apple CEO Tim Cook during his presentation Tuesday at the D11 conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. Noting that Microsoft and Google offered cloud solutions that provided access to a wide variety of platforms, I asked Cook whether it was time for Apple to broaden its iCloud service to facilitate sharing for customers who are likely to own both Apple and non-Apple gear. Cook didn’t bite. But Donald Leka, CEO of TransMedia, whose Glide service has provided cloud-based file sharing for a wide variety of devices since before anyone talked about the cloud, jumped in...

...I suspect Apple’s customers are a lot less parochial than Apple is, or than Apple thinks they are. These days, it’s not unusual for someone to own an Android phone, an iPad, and a Windows laptop–and want to share information among all of them. I’m sure Apple prefers that they switch to an iPhone and a Mac, but that’s not the world we live in. By failing to accommodate their desires and instead to promote a closed, Apple-only ecosystem, Apple could be building big trouble for itself."

From GigaOM
Glide combines cloud accounts on iPhone but Apple seems upset about the message sent
Kevin C. Tofel

"Got too many cloud storage accounts with files seemingly scattered across them all? Perhaps Glide, a mobile app that combines multiple cloud storage accounts can help. The app already supports Windows 8 and Android devices, but added a version for Apple’s iPhone on Thursday. Even though Apple approved the application, the cross-platform message in the Glide press release isn’t sitting well with Apple’s developer relation’s team...

...Think of it (Glide) as a consolidated cloud drive on your mobile devices. You can easily find and download files to your phone, computer or tablet from the cloud regardless of which vendor service you use. And you can share media files to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Sounds pretty useful to me, partially because I have storage everywhere in the cloud...

...I tend to agree with Leka for the most part: Platforms are great, but can limit data shared between them... Perhaps if iCloud were supported by Glide, Apple might feel differently? At the very least, it seems (that Apple) wants the Glide team to highlight Apple more than the actual core feature of the (Glide) software."

From Forbes
Apple Trashes a News Release
by Peter Himler

"One has to appreciate the chutzpah of Donald Leka, chairman and CEO of Transmedia, maker of the Glide OS app that allows individuals to fluidly access their files no matter what mobile or desktop operating system they reside on. The company this week released its first app for the iPhone...I know Apple is controlling, but to chastise the maker of a just-approved app for the language in its press release may be taking it a bit too far."

From AppAdvice
Apple Chastises TransMedia CEO at odds with Cupertino's Ideology
by Joe White

"As a consumer, how do you feel about the two opposing views? While I, for one, do “care” what mobile OS I’m using, I can entirely appreciate that iDevice users may wish to share data between mobile devices running operating systems other than iOS." 

Now the Jumptuit Story:

The Cross Platform Space Is Heating Up!

About the Authors:

Donald Leka

Mr. Donald Leka is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of TransMedia Corporation, creator of the industry leading and award winning cloud-computing platform, the Glide OS.

Mr. Leka has been a featured speaker and presenter at Harvard Business School, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), TechCrunch50, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the All Things Digital Conference (AllThingsD), New York University (NYU), Boston University (BU), The American University (AU) and Georgetown University.

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

The American University, Washington, DC

Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA), International Relations

The American University, Washington D.C.

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist

Claire Leka

Claire Leka is a television journalist, anchor and correspondent specializing in business and finance news. For a long part of her career, she worked for CNN as a correspondent and anchor reporting from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Claire has also worked as an anchor and correspondent for MSNBC, NBC News, CBS News, WCBS, and WABC.


MA, Journalism and Public Affairs

The American University, School of Communication, Washington, DC


BA, Public Communication

The American University, School of Communication, Washington, DC 

Donald's twitter

Claire's twitter

Books Reviews:

Harold L. Vogel, PhD

Author of Entertainment Industry Economics,
Cambridge University Press

"This book provides a master class for entrepreneurs, technologists, early-stage investors, and venture capitalists by amply illustrating the types of challenges, and opportunities that confront all new companies, but especially those operating at the bleeding and leading edge of technological change."

Barry Unger, PhD

Innovation and Technology Management Professor at Boston University.

"Open systems and cross platform functionality would seem to be ‘no brainer’ visions that should be easily accepted by the computer industry, right? Not so when these ideas seem to threaten the business ecosystems and profit models of the major players in the industry they seek to improve.   Cloud Computing: The Glide OS Story is an interesting and insightful  account –and also quite humorous at times -- by the entrepreneurs who have lived it over the last eight years -- of the challenges faced in introducing a new better way to an industry built around propriety systems and a fantasy of walled gardens, even though users (remember them?)  regularly have to contend in their lives with a cross platform “real world” combining Microsoft Windows, Google Android, and Apple iOS/OS X devices, and multiple cloud services.

Students of winning in business and technology will learn much about “applied stakeholder analysis” in action, including the creative building of linkages to the major players, and the refining and re-positioning of products that has been necessary so that truly “everybody leaves the party happy” and even established players in the industry could find benefits in cross platform functionality  -- as well as the users (remember them?).  All this during an era of global financial crisis and continuous changes as Apple , Google, and Microsoft have battled for supremacy..."

Ron Miller

Freelance Technology Journalist 

APEX Award Winner

"I have been watching Glide since its earliest days and talking with Donald Leka about each new version. This book does a great job of summarizing the Glide evolution and showing just how far it's come."

See Glide in Action!

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Featured in:

Ashley McCall

Cloud Computing – The Glide OS Story, Solving the Cross Platform Puzzle

Posted on July 29, 2013  by Elizabeth Franklin Posted inTechnology

Glide On By: The Revolution of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing? Huh? What’s that? If you have an iPhone, you know about iCloud. Perhaps, if you use Gmail, you know about Google’s various internet-based storage and sharing applications. But if you’re like most of us and somewhere between a plebian and a Luddite, the intricacies of cloud computing probably escape you. So here’s a simple primer: cloud computing involves sharing data from one device to another (too many, in fact) in a variety of formats and is often internet-based. Because “cloud computing” as a phrase is not generally part of the vernacular of us plebs, most people aren’t particularly aware of the intricacies of its conception and design or the hard work that goes into making a tech company work. In Cloud Computing – The Glide OS Story, TransMedia founder and CEO Donald Leka, the creator of the Glide OS, and his wife, Claire Leka, strive to shed some light on TransMedia’s revolutionary—but not that widely known—Glide operating system.

Writing in a relaxed, conversational voice, the Lekas share Glide’s story from its conception (and their son’s part in its aesthetic and practical design) to the present. You’ll travel with Donald Leka to tech conferences, read excerpts of Glide reviews, and learn of the hard work Leka has done to promote an entirely new and unique method of computing to a world that hungers for change—but within its comfort zone. Cloud Computing also demonstrates the effect of the 2008 global financial meltdown on the tech industry and the resulting hurdles the Lekas have had to overcome.

“By putting users and content owners in control of their data, Glide was also challenging illegal content sharing and the emerging data mining industry led by Google and Facebook. But the dangers associated with data mining were little understood by the general public at that time.”

While some of the more in-depth descriptions of Glide’s user interface weren’t as clear as I would have liked and the images in the PDF eBook were grainy and didn’t represent Glide as well as they might have, overall, I was left with a sense that the Glide OS is a well-planned, well-designed, and ever-evolving OS that most of us should check out. If that’s not a recommendation of the book, well, I don’t know what is.

Cloud Computing: The Glide OS Story, Solving The Cross Platform Puzzle

We live in a cross-platform world. You may work using a Windows machine and have an iPad and Android phone. The ability to share your files, music, and other parts of your electronic life is becoming more important as electronic devices proliferate, yet each of the three major ecosystems tries to create a “use us only” operating system to keep you tied to their devices and operating system. Additionally, each system treats your privacy differently, along with many of the sites that offer ways to share your data across multiple OS devices. So, author Donald Leka founded TransMedia, a technology startup in New York’s Silicon Alley to provide that cross-platform accessibility through the Glide OS. Cloud Computing: The Glide OS Story is his also his story of how they started and the opportunities and challenges getting Glide off the ground.

Told in a conversational style, Cloud Computing is an interesting look behind the scenes of a tech start up in a competitive field and plowing new ground. Leka writes from the first person, giving the reader a behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes into a startup and the reasoning for some of the decisions and design of Glide. Using quotes from reviews and articles about Glide, Leka expounds on lessons learned and the path of Glide’s development. One gets behind the scenes of trade shows, the competition between Glide and Google, the effects of the financial crisis on investment funding, and more. More than just a history of an innovative operating system, it’s also the story of starting and managing a global business. Cloud Computing is a quick story, and easy to read. And using Glide, it’ll be available on whatever device you want to read it on.

From Chanel9

Jumptuit Microsoft My App in 60 Seconds

May 16, 2014

About this Video:  Donald Leka, CEO and Founder of Jumptuit shares with us their app they created for Windows 8.

Jumptuit syncs with the cloud services and devices that you use and love!


Jumptuit Review  -  CNET Editors' Rating: Excellent

June 2, 2014

Bottom Line Jumptuit is a smooth and convenient program to use. It lets you manage all of your cloud storage accounts while only having to log in to one place, and it facilitates exchanging files between multiple accounts as well. If you're looking for a good, free file management program, this is definitely an option worth checking out.

Thomas Claburn

May 2, 2014